You really want to know this.. Related posts;

You really want to know this..

 Let’s explore physics today ;

 Have we really wondered what causes lightning? πŸ€”.. it’s a worrying though when you can’t explain where something like 100million volts of energy comes from ⚑

Well, lightning is the result of an electrical discharge, a charge built up in the atmosphere that finally equalizes with a burst of powerful energy πŸ’₯. Most lightning occurs when negative charge builds up in clouds and positive charge builds up on earth. This was discovered in 1970s.

Lightning can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious damage or even destroy planes.

But waitπŸ€” how does thundercloud charge up in the first place? 🀷. The electron gets stripped off the clouds, like static charging when things rub together. Convection currents then carry the lighter particles upwards and the heavier particles slowly descend under gravity. If the lighter particles are positive and the heavier ones are negative, this creates a charge separation, and so an electric field. The earth feels the charge above it and becomes slightly charged itself in response.

When lightning discharges, a step leader of charged particles joins the cloud to the ground and here, the electricity flows 🌟

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