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Words that describe a good woman.

About intelligent;

– Astute : She has clever solution to problems based on her sharp preception.

– Clear-sighted : She is perceptive and able to see decisions early.

– Creative : She comes up with ideas that others have not considered before.

– Decisive : She commits to a decision after properly weighing the consequences.

– Discaring : She demonstratedemonstrate good judgment and taste.

– Innovative : She applied new ideas, to old problems to find creative solutions.

– Inquisitive : She asks direct, relevant questions, to learn more about a subject or something.

– Intuitive : She balances her gut feeling with right decision.

– Observant : She notices small, but important details that others may have overlooked.

– Quick-witted : She has sharp intellect that helps her respond to situations.

– Shrewd : She makes practical decisions based on her needs, but does not give away more than she think is necessary.

– Sincere : She uses evidence and experience in her effort to provide honest answers.

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