Watch: Eureka O’Hara Premieres Video to Body-Positive Empowerment Anthem ‘Big Mawma’ Entertainment

Watch: Eureka O’Hara Premieres Video to Body-Positive Empowerment Anthem ‘Big Mawma’

Media sensation Eureka O’Hara – RuPaul’s Drag Race all-star, We’re Here trailblazer, singer-songwriter, actor, advocate, proportionzer, and self-declared Elephant Queen – has released the video to her biggest and boldest single yet, “Big Mawma.”

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The “Big Mawma” track is produced by House of Queens HERE, via PEG Records/Warner Music Group/ADA is available HERE

Building on the message established by past proudly large-and-in-charge anthems like “Stomp” – HERE, “Body Positivity” – HERE, and “The Big Girl” – HERE,” Eureka’s latest tour de force “is an empowerment song for bigger women, first and foremost — but also it’s an empowering song for anyone that is made to feel less-than by society.”

“This love is what the world needs to be reminded of. We all got Big Mawma love in us and around us. We just gotta remember to treat it right, accept that we are worthy of it and respect it!”

“Big Mawma” was inspired by the most important women in Eureka’s life: her recently departed mother and grandmother, who in general inspired the Eureka persona that millions of fans came to love via Drag Race Seasons 9 and 10 and All Stars Season 6. “Growing up as a 6’4″, colorful, flamboyant, genderqueer kid in Bristol, Tenn., I didn’t have a lot of friends, and the people that gave me a purpose and taught me how to love were these big women,” she explains. “When my grandma passed away in November, I went into a really dark place, but then I noticed that there were all these other people in my life that had that Big Mawma spirit. One of my favorite lines from the song is: ‘It don’t matter where you come from/Daddies, aunties, uncles too/Big Mawma’s spirit lives in you.'”

The “Big Mawma” music video, the first project from Eureka’s new production company House of Queens HERE, a collaboration with tech industry executive and venture capitalist Aidan Madigan-Curtis. (“It’s been a dream of mine forever to just create queer content, and a place for other queer entertainers to work and get advice”), House of Queens, whose tagline is “Join the royal family,” produces socially-impactful content featuring stars from the LGBTQIA community. With House of Queens, Eureka and Madigan-Curtis have teamed up to bring the tech sector’s capital and the entertainment world’s creativity to the world of drag.

Eureka shows off her acting chops like never before — taking on dual male and female roles a la her idol Divine/Glen Milstead in Hairspray. Eureka, who memorably, uncannily impersonated Divine for Drag Race All Stars’ “Snatch Game” challenge, feels a kindred spirit in Milstead, and hopes to continues to storm through the doors that he helped crack open decades ago.

“Divine inspires everything I do. I feel like my life has run very parallel with Glen Milstead’s, as far as my passion for acting and wanting to be taken seriously as an artist,” explains Eureka, who studied acting in college long before she even got into drag. “Glen so desperately wanted to be taken seriously — but how serious was the industry going to take the drag queen that was known for eating s, you know? And that duality always resonates in me, because my Eureka character is everything it’s not ‘supposed’ to be. I’m big. I’m sexy. I have shape. I wear things I’m not supposed to wear as a bigger person. I do music. I do splits and kicks and twirls, and I can out-twirl any skinny girl, any day. It’s all because I have to work 10 times harder for industry people to take someone like me seriously.”

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