Understand the tips on Chemistry. Related posts;

Understand the tips on Chemistry.

Facts about chemistry;

Let’s discuss some tips on chemistry 🥵💥
Did you know that…
– hy­dro­gen atom in your body is around 13.5 bil­lion years old
– Mon­ey re­al­ly doesn’t smell.
– You need to exceed temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius to burn a diamond.
– The proteins found in meat denature when exposed to heat.
– Dissolving salt in water can make its melting point go down up to -20 degrees Celsius and lower🌡️.
– Water expands when freezes, unlike other substances.
– The only two non-silvery metals are gold and copper.
– Every hydrogen atom in your body is likely 13.5 billion years old because they were created at the birth of the universe .
– Glass is actually a liquid, it just flows very, very slowly .
– Diamond and graphite are both entirely made of carbon and nothing else.
– If you pour a handful of salt into a glass of water, the water level will go down.
– A rubber tire is technically one single, giant, polymerized molecule.
– Safe­ty cush­ions are filled with poi­sonous sodi­um azidazid.

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