T.I. Blasts YouTuber Charleston White For Threatening His Son King On IG Entertainment

T.I. Blasts YouTuber Charleston White For Threatening His Son King On IG

T.I. Blasts YouTuber Charleston White For Threatening His Son King On IG

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When it comes to his kids, T.I. is not one to play with. The self proclaimed King of the South is never afraid to hop on social media to defend his children, whether they’re right, wrong or indifferent. Tip’s 18-year old son, King Harris has become known for making headlines due to his teenage antics.

On Monday (October 10), he got into an Internet spat with YouTuber Charleston White after King called him “a b***h, boy,” and threatened to  “whoop [Charleston White’s] a**.” But the YouTube didn’t take King’s comments lightly. He went on to blast the teen on social media, saying, he threatened me. I’m a senior citizen. I don’t need T.I. in the ring. I want his boy in jail.”

T.I. responded to White’s video, “Come deal with the daddy. If you don’t want no trouble, what you keep kicking up dust for?” He added, “If you scared to show up somewhere, that’s fear. I don’t operate in fear. I don’t need no security around me.” Shortly after, the Family Hustle star hopped on the phone with White in attempt to make amends; however, things didn’t go as smoothly as Tip planned.

Charleston returned to Instagram Live after the phone call, sharing, “Just got off the phone with T.I. b**** a**. You don’t get to dictate anything. Deal with me like I ain’t a comedian. I’m the big dog talking. You ain’t never won a fight.” But he didn’t stop there. White went on to accuse Tip of sexual assault and violations against women while threatening to call police on King Harris. “F*** you and that ugly a** 18-year old son of yours. Come throw your life away about it, ni***a.”

T.I. has yet to respond to Charleston’s latest claims. More details to come.

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