Ice Spice Reacts To Alleged S@x Tape Leak Entertainment

Ice Spice Reacts To Alleged S@x Tape Leak

Ice Spice Reacts To Alleged S@x Tape Leak

It’s been less than a year since Ice Spice hit the scene, and she’s already been hit with Internet rumors and backlash. Last month, fans speculated that the “Munch” rapper had a situation with Drake in Canada that allegedly lead him to unfollowing her on social media. After clearing up those rumors, critics also slammed Ice for her lack of stage presence and new hairstyle that she debuted during her Rolling Loud NYC performance.

However, many fans came to the 22-year old star’s defense, including singer Tank. “Artist nowadays aren’t given time to prepare,” the R&B Money singer shared via Instagram. “Labels aren’t doing artist development. They sign something they think is hot, has some traction, and throw them to the wolves. She will learn and she will grow!”

On Wednesday (October 5), Ice found herself coming to her own defense once again after Internet users speculated that she’s the girl in an explicit s@x tape making its rounds online. “Whoever leaked Ice Spice s@x tape, you are weird and karma’s otw,” one fan tweeted. Another added, “Damn, Drake leaked y’all s@x tape. You really finna blow up now.”

Ice hopped on Twitter ensure her followers that she is not the curly haired girl in the viral video, tweeting, “[You] guys want them fakes ass leaks to be me so bad just so [you] can go beat your lil dirty meat to it.”

Despite a few negative reviews, Ice still has fans and followers rooting for her success. Last month, she gushed about the first time she spoke with Drake, sharing, “When Drake DM’d me, I did not really expect that. I had just landed in L.A. for my Genius Open Mic for ‘Munch,” and he was actually like ‘Yo, ‘Munch’ is hard and your ‘On the Radar’ freestyle is hard.’”

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