ALBUM: Amanda Tenfjord – In Hindsight (ZIP FILE)

Download ALBUM: Amanda Tenfjord – In Hindsight (ZIP FILE)

my debut album will be out october 21st can’t wait to show u what we’ve been working on. if u dont like sad lovesongs i dont know if u will like the album. but there will be some happy cool songs as well also though. i guess it’s gonna be just a compilation of a chapter of my life that im nervous but excited to share with u. anyways hope your sunday is nice.

In a Q&A she revealed that the album has 11 songs, which also included some interludes.

Amanda Tenfjord – In Hindsight Lyrics and Tracklist

  1. I’ll Stay
  2. AMAN
  3. In Hindsight
  4. Die Together
  5. All In
  6. Plans

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