What Not To Expect From Davido’s Sophomore Album



Impressive, you must have thought.
But that feeling was short-lived when
Fans Mi came as opposed to the expected album. It happened to be the track that featured MMG’s rapper, Meek Mill. While the song was a myriad of things, the video was one thing – WRONG! Previously, we had presented to you a couple expectations you should have from the yet-to-be-released album (read HERE ) but if this new seloquesence with Meek Mill is anything to go by, here’s one expectation you shouldn’t have.


I mean, it is Davido afterall… not so?
The drama unfolding looks like it’s been culled from an old script. The one where an arch rival promised several release dates and eventually when d-day came, we literally went into a tombstone after hearing it. You know what I think? I think these guys love each other so much that they keep borrowing pages from each other’s 60 leaves.
Suffice to say Davido might be pulling a classic Wiz on us.
Really, what else can we do if not wait?

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