7 Nigerian Top Music Collaboration I Would Love To See


Ever pondered what a blend of your most loved music stars would sound like when matched up into joint efforts? I have as well, and that shallow pondering at long last got me here, on this post around 7 Nigerian collabos that I’m certain… or is it that I know? Alright hold up, that I think… yes think, will absolutely shake. Really I’m damn excessively glad for every one of the names I’ve collected here and they’ve worked themselves as yet where they can sharpen their musical ability having surpassed those great ol’ days of achievement in boomlets.

Enough talk!

1. Cynthia Morgan x Burna Boy

Asides my creative ability effectively letting me know this track will be a flame bomb, you additionally get the opportunity to figure out that careless arrogance can be made useful for things, for example, this. Who knows not give move corridor music a multi-dimensional treatment than Kingston Property’s Cynthia Morgan in a connection up with Sabi Kid, Oluwaburna? In the event that there ever was a period for Morgan to wear her shameless self and without statement of regret, it would arrive and trust Burna Kid to dependably come through with his vocal swag… in Yoruba pidgin!

2. Burna Boy x Seyi Shay

Will you reprimand Burna Kid for his shades of great? This will be the second of his female components that I am positively anticipating. I know Seyi as of now gave us Murda, however then with this gentleman? Oh joy, innovativeness will be reawakened as there will be solid dosages of expressive inventiveness, vocal hotshots and, guess what? Just forgerrit, this will be some kain trickling swag madt stuff! There better be a video as well ‘cos I’m certainly by all account not the only one who needs to perceive how Seyi’s thirst troll will wear superbly on dear Burna Kid’s hotness.

3. Seyi Shay x Don jazzy


Ok! This is one collabo that energizes me. Ms Shay is one extremely flexible songstress, substantiating herself on numerous occasions that no ‘one box’ can hold her. Wear Lively then again, has appeared with positive inputs and results that they don’t call him a wear for paltry fun. These two are talented to savor, and differently so as well however their vantage point would be that studio where they choose to bolt horns and unleash a few carnival enchantment acts from their oga and madam Sabinus. Amazing, I think I could possibly have discovered the title of their track!

4. DonJazzy-Pasuma

Did you simply roar with laughter? Well reconsider. Since attempting his hands on hip-jump/pop affected melodies, Pasuma upped the ante in his amusement and has exceeded expectations to specific joy. All the skilled fuji-pop star needs now is to connect with maker specialist, Wear Snazzy and make an epic evergreen sound in the pop/high life class that scaffolds musical crazes in the South West and Eastern ethnicity… obviously with the Doroboss loaning his mark baritone tenor.

5. Flavor x Yemi Alade

Can you consider any other individual’s tune that sends you into a moving holiday like Flavor’s and Yemi Alade’s? Hey, quit considering! This cooperative energy will hone innovative thoughts like danceathons, which all them rap contends have practically succeeded in smothering out. From enthusiastic synchronizations to train gyration and faultless vocal aptitudes, Flavor and Yemi are an impeccable standard and they beyond any doubt need to remind us again how well we ought to praise the gladly African legacy.

6. Asa x Timi Dakolo

Alright, I think we’ve played around enough for a bit. Time to complete a few genuine bi’ness. Independently, these spirit music legends are worth more in gauges than my arresting author ability can do them any fitting equity. With these two, music dependably has a significance and their collaboration owes us a fantastic piece with an at no other time heard sensation, the kind that reorients our brains. On the off chance that they keep it on a low, then you realize that they’re dispatching into the most profound of deeps and in the event that it’s way up, they’re going after the bluest skies. If it’s not too much trouble go figure!

7. Reekado Banks x Wizkid

I forget every one of you that contrasted my dear Reeky Tom with Daddy Bolu. In spite of the fact that their creativity may share very a few similitudes yet thank the stars that they don’t sound anything alike. Yes, they really don’t. The other similitude they share would be that they’re little men who are insane in affection for huge things. What’s more, on the grounds that they’re reliable with ace balling at their turf, it’s turned into a miracle what their hit banger would sound like. No focusing, it’ll clearly be around a Salewa and her huge “baka” however I’d affection to hear it still.

Lastly, I would be smoking skunk on the off chance that I didn’t list these two…

8. Davido x Wizkid

This is practically the greatest and most foreseen cooperation of the Nigerian music industry. I set out say! A few of us even live for things in that capacity to happen. I likewise think every one of the gatherings included have come into information of the blooming impact of it’s luck, which further clarifies why they’ve given us a chance to stay in limbo land. Having said, Wizkid and Davido can either keep on shaping like they’re cool with viewing the vicinity of one another or they could simply get in a studio corner and actually give themselves a corrosive shower with all the hydrochloride put away in the barrels of their souls. Presently, that is something I wouldn’t see any problems with living for!

Oya, similar to our convention, you folks ought to let me know those collabos you’ve longed for that you know will absolutely shake. Who’s go

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